Discover local things to do. Swipe different sort of activities, places and events, and match with your friends or new like minded people people. Our AI learns what you like as you swipe and tailors the next suggestions to your taste. Join now and make sure to invite others to join you!

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Discover Things to Do Nearby

Don't waste time searching for things to do. We do the recommendations. You just see if you are down for it and swipe. Right or Left, it's up to you.

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Bazinga: Match With Friends or New People

Swipe right to like it and you will match with your friends or new people interested in that same thing. Then just start chatting and organizing it together.

Chat to figure out the details

You have a week to join the group chat for your events. Start chatting with your squad to figure out the logistics. Feel free to directly invite others to join as well.

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Signup below to join our exclusive private launch

Due to high demand, we are doing a private launch on invite basis at the moment. Sign up below now to get added to our waitlist and we will notify you when it is your turn! Thank you

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